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He is a figure of awe and mystery
His body is on screen
He is a poet of the loins
A creature with a libido of pure creativity
a being of wax and wane
There is flux, but within this flux there is permanence
The camera petrifies wood into an eternal sculpture
Not driftwood, stagnant and motionless like,
the John of Michelangelo’s David,
but sawing wood
Wood in permanent flux…
The wood is a weapon for the chosen few.
Never leaning, it will point heavenward long after
the tower of Pisa has fallen.
He who master the wood will see the world wooed.
The master of wood is the Porn King.

…. Bauvard, The Darkness of Nature

New collaborative project with Chad Mitchell, I love his writing and appreciate the opportunity to provide my own visual interpretation….

Dressed in white, I wait for you…in Sunday morning solitude, like the ringing waits inside the bell, like the fragrance waits inside the flower, like the water waits inside the well…This is my lullaby. This is my song, waiting ready to be sung.

I created this piece especially for the Sachet Mixte auction - it’s a one-of-a-kind exclusive print and the proceeds will go to supporting their creative space in rural France. Simon O’Corra has been so supportive of my own artistic endeavors and give me so much encouragement as an artist, so I wanted to do something to give back. A great chance to acquire a piece of my art and support a most worthy endeavor!  The last piece in the auction listing is mine :)

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