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My latest video project…
The video is an attempt to recapture a feeling and time long gone in my life … 1970s - that unspoken friendship, desperate longing, and much unsaid. I love this Mazzy Star song and that whole notion that “it’s strange to think you never knew…” I hope the video evokes some of that sense of longing, and the sense that it was a long time ago….

Homage, Pink Narcissus, James Bidgood


totally love James Bidgood and his over-the-top aesthetic. Truly inspirational, creativity/art for its own sake. The film took seven years to make, and Bidgood built all the sets and filmed the entire piece in his tiny apartment. He designed and made the sets, provided the make-up and costume, and used the neighborhood hustlers as his cast. I have always loved and been inspired by Pink Narcissus. If you’re not familiar with Bidgood, google him … well worth the time spent.

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